Monday, May 4, 2015


     Ugh, the whole day was full of phone calls and misbehaving electronics!
43155046-media_httpfarm9static_trfqv.jpg (450×300)     Actually, the phone stopped working yesterday. There wasn't         any signal, and, although, sometimes it rang, there was no one on the other end! Then the internet began to switch off and on. The TV followed the suit. I began to feel, I was in a Dr. Who episode, with the machines sabotaging my life!
dr-who-rain.gif (500×275)     Sonny hit some button on the Internet modem, and everything returned to normal. The TV and internet still kept on glitching, but all we had to do was, wait a little bit, and they'd start working again.
50815348653122784.jpg (615×345)     Today the phone doesn't function. Thank the Heavenly Power for the mistake made by my cell phone company, who added 6,000 minutes instead of 600 to my device, I was able to use it to make the calls of various degree of crankiness to every possible office. 
     And still, the signal on my land line is absent...
loading-circle.gif (500×500)     Plus to all that, I can't use the app that lets me play Wordausor (a Scrabble-like game) online! I usually like to watch a little circle, turning in a tab on top of my screen, indicating that, some program is loading. Today it just keeps on turning, and some icons flash on and off, until I feel nauseous, but nothing else happens!
635541113278516001-1461766803_Ross-Gifs-friends-16889425-500-300.gif (500×300)
     It's on days like this that I miss the times in our lives, when we sat around the table, eating snacks and playing board games, or went out to the movies with our friends instead of worrying, whether or not they can reach you on one device or another! Then I grab a cell phone and the desire to live simpler life disappears, leaving me grateful for the advances in technology, which allow us to have various ways to communicate with each other. 
     Life goes on!
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