Thursday, September 18, 2014


     I've written about my parents and posted their picture as a young couple. Don't worry, I am not about to do it again...
     Or am I?
     Hanah drew these picture and a comic based on the old photo. She said, it made her a little sad, but was also quite therapeutic
     If you wonder, why my mother's name appears to be Raisa on the gravestone, instead of Rimka, as I called her in the stories, its because Jewish people many times had a few different names!
     Sometimes, if a child got sick, parents gave it another name, to confuse evil spirits, which plagued it.
     To protect boys from being conscripted into tsar's army, they also got names other than their own (to confuse the government, that plagued them). 
     Besides that, people were re-named n order to blend better with non-Jews. 
     My dad, whose passport name was Meyer, thus became Izya (Israel) and, later, to remove the sting of anti-Semitic attacks on his person, - Igor, which is a purely Russian name, - to confuse the chauvinistic b...s, who plagued him. 

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