Friday, September 5, 2014


     I don't know about you, but mess keeps following me around. Its not just that I am prone to let piles of papers, magazines and other things accumulate near me, but everyone who sits down next to me or stops by where I am, feels free to leave their stuff. 
     Roberta likes to come out of her room sometimes to watch TV or talk to me in the living room. I am obliged then to scoop the whole mess on the couch and pull it away from a place where she wants to sit. 
     This morning I did just that, but felt that it was the time to get rid of some envelopes and magazines. I began to sort them out, while Roberta amused herself by asking Sylvie (our female cat) if Goldie (the stray kitty) was outside, and seeing Sylvie's ears go back and the whole demeanor change to that of a hateful hag.
     "M-m-m-m, this is junk; this is not..." - My mood was easy as I continued to clean. I picked up an envelope, looked at the logo on it, and the hair on the back of my neck stood up. 
     Acme Memorial was the company that made stones for my parents' graves. I kept a receipt for them refreshing mom's grave marker in a box in a drawer at the opposite end of the house. This morning, it happened to appear right next to me on the couch!
     I laughed. Mom, probably, couldn't stand to see my mess and reached out to correct my behavior! It's nice to know, that someone cares!


  1. I'm glad she kontraliruet you even from there, it can help you better. Kisses L.