Monday, September 8, 2014


     That's not Sylvie's reflection in the glass. Look carefully: it's Goldy, the cat that comes to be fed, sitting outside the glass door, watching how our own cats luxuriate in their warm, safe haven, with food available at their every whim.

Today is Monday. Roberta had a physical therapy appointment, but going there proved to be impossible.

Notice anything different? Not only there is a ditch dug in front of our house, but there is also no more fence! 

This is a view off of our driveway: the workers came at 7 this morning and started bulldozing it to prepare for pouring the concrete. Both, Roberta and Sonny came out of their rooms, for some reason, looking at me accusingly. Their teeth were chattering, because the house shook together with the ground on which it stands.
I went to make breakfast. Soaped a bowl and a small pot for Roberta's oatmeal, and the water stopped! 
Those of you, who read a few of my posts in the past week and a half, would know, how hard we fought for the chance to have hot water. Now it seemed that, we won't have any water!
Someone knocked on the door. It was a foreman of the crew outside. "I just want to tell you that we shut off your water for an hour or so!" - he said. I waved at him with the soapy pot, which I carried with me to the door: "I know!"

Now Roberta sleeps peacefully after a breakfast that I managed to make, because we have water in a water boiler for tea. Sonny sleeps too, as he got used to the noise. 
jpeg (262×193)
I checked my e-mail, played a few rounds of Wordosaur (something like Scrabble) with my partner from another side of the world, then went on Facebook. Roberta came out and sat next to me. I showed her a video of how they prepare food for commercials. A lady demonstrated, how a hamburger was made for that purpose. After watching the short film, the purpose of which was to put us off the fast food, Roberta and I looked at each other and decided that, we wanted some hamburgers for lunch!
We counted our money (a lot of it was in coins).
Because of the construction, my car is parked far away from the driveway, and I can't easily get out of our yard. I invited Sonny to participate in the project. 
Sonny came back carrying bags with burgers and soda cups (he didn't have enough money to buy me a drink, but I forgave him). He told me that, the foreman wanted to talk to me briefly about something. 
old_lady_walker_shake_hw.gif (350×350)Before that, I called the construction company's office and said that, an elderly
lady living in my house needs to be able to get to the car and her appointments, They assured me that, the workers will make a walkway for her from the house to the street, since the driveway will be filled with wet cement and need to dry out for a few days. I thought that, that was what the foreman wanted to talk to me about. Instead he informed me of the necessity to rip out the steps, which lead from the little path by the house to the gate! 

Now, I was reasonable, when they took away my driveway and an ability to park in it. I didn't put up any fuss, when they took down the fence and switched off my precious water. Now they were going to rip out the steps too!
hogan.gif (272×204)The foreman, probably saw the expression on my face, because he hurried to assure me that, they will not only put back the fence and repair the driveway, but will also make a ramp instead of the steps, which will make it easier to go from the house to the gate (the one that at the moment was lying on the grass). 
I am tired. Tired of the drama of so many things breaking down and the attempts to repair them. So, I smiled at the foreman, nodded my head and went back home, glancing doubtfully at the gate on the grass. Will it be the same as it was before? They say: it will be better; but nothing in my experience so far helps me to believe it!

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