Friday, September 12, 2014


     its so late... Three in the morning.
    I know, I promised Mr. P. and myself that, I would go to bed early, but something just keeps me up. Is it the desire for a more interesting life through watching TV or surfing Facebook? Is it my nervousness about starting a new day - farther into the old age and closer to death? 
     I am unable to keep my promises. I do it part of the time, but the ennui sets in, and I give in to the desire to forget myself in a fruitless pursuit of oblivion.
     At least, I don't drink or do drugs, right? 
     What was it that Mr. P. said to me the last time we met? He pressed upon my conscience that, TV, Facebook or anything else that we do beyond all measure and to forget life, are the idols that block our connection with the One True God, our Higher Power. To be real, to be rooted in truth and authenticity, we need to do, what's right for us, and it isn't staying up 'til three in the morning, helping nobody, - first of all - ourselves! 
     Alright, I'm going to bed! God help me and guide me!

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