Wednesday, September 3, 2014


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     Its a question of heat...
     "Still?!" - you might ask. Yes, stil!
     A week ago I allowed my husband to, so to speak, stew, unwashed and frustrated, in his own juices by forgetting to call the electric company about malfunctioning water heater. Just kidding: he took a cold shower that same day. I did call the electric company, who said that they can only send a technician a week later. 
tumblr_mlvw73lTQk1rbsngdo1_400.gif (400×240)     A week passed. I took cold showers. Taka did too. Sonny had one today, and declared himself treated cruelly. I talked Roberta, who wanted me to heat up water and let her wash up with it in the shower, to use some wet wipes instead. Our hope, our goal was the technician coming  from PG&E and fixing everything.
     Today is that day. 
     It started with a road crew gathering at my driveway. They brought with them every possible machine for killing peace! 
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     Under a pretext of building new sidewalks in our neighborhood, as well as making our driveway look presentable (see, that's how they get you to agree to weeks and weeks of hearing the roaring and thumping and smashing of metal on rocks instead of the bird songs and the whisper of the trees to which we are accustomed) they started up their godawful noise. 
Screaming-GIF-5.gif (494×267)     In the meanwhile, the repairman was not here. Now I stewed in my own frustration and took it out on the unfortunate hapless people who answered the phones in all the places where I called. I was almost to the boiling point, but my water heater wasn't!
     Finally, I heard the doorbell! 
     A young man in all the repairing regalia assured me that he'll do everything to light the boiler. I piped in: "But the manufacturing company did some troubleshooting on the phone and said that, it was the wiring problem. They even sent me a new part to install instead of the broken one!"
     "Oh no, maam, we don't open these GE manufactured units. That's our company's policy. You should call a plumber to do it!"
     What did he say? They don't?... He can't???!!!
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is she saying: "I want my shower?!"
     I couldn't believe my own ears. All that a person to whom I talked at PG&E needed to do was ask, what kind of a water heater we had, and then we'd know that, I had to call a plumber to fix our problem. The nincompoop made us wait for a week only to find out that the solution to the problem was totally different!
jpeg (272×185)     There is usually no doubt, whether I am feeling upset or not. The guy heard me roar and hurriedly stepped into the shed which holds the boiler. I overcame an impulse to shut him in there. This ain't Fergusson, but the police might take a grim view of such behavior!
     What was there to do? I called a plumber. Actually, I called twenty of them. The answers ranged from: "The earliest we can fit you in is Friday" - to: "We'll charge $ 220 to come to your place tonight" - and: "You have the new part? It'll cost you $ 95, and we can be there in half an hour!"
images (240×177)    The last guy won. He took a little longer to get here than half and hour and came with a younger worker, who did everything. At first. I walked around on my tippy-toes, making sure, they had everything that they needed. Then I went to play cards with Roberta, still keeping an ear on the banging and bumping from outside. I told myself that, after about an hour we'll have hot water and will forget all the grimy unpleasantness, but my intuition told me something very different!
     We still have only cold water. Why? 
     The older man came into the kitchen holding a couple of wires in his hand. That was a very bad sign, and exactly, what I felt, would happen! He proceeded to tell me that, the boiler needed a different part installed, than the one that we already received.That meant that, we had to call GE Corp. again, wait for a new part and pay him for another day of work. 
jpeg (225×225)     Whether he is telling the truth or not, I don't know. He also mentioned (and a repairman from PG&E said the same thing) that, these heaters from the GE Corporation break down all the time, and it's much better and cheaper, in the long run, to buy a new unit. He might be telling the truth, but I just spent money fixing my car and have to do some repairs on it tomorrow. Where, the heck, are we going to get $ 875 for this new boiler?
     By that time, I lost all my righteous indignation at the fate's  injustice. I was still fizzing with resentment, but had no place to put it. 
     Hey, this is just a moment to ask my Higher Power for discernment! Do I have control over this situation, though, or is it all up to the pitiless circumstances and businessmen? 
     This is what it boils down to (huh, I didn't mean it, but made a good pun!): 
     "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference"! 
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