Sunday, November 16, 2014


Its been awhile, hasn't it? Nothing momentous took place in our lives. 
Here Sonny and Reina are enjoying pizza, and Chikie is also willing to try it!

Roberta prefers pancakes. She liked our outing to Norman's diner for breakfast.

On the way, I stopped to take some pictures of the local beauties - the variety of trees in California always astounds me.

Here, of course, is a little Christmas tree, given to us by the Little Red Headed monster's family. Remember them? Taka planted it together with the baws in our garden, You can still see the sparkly stuff at the end of some branches.

Last night, Sonny went out on the porch and found Goldie, occupying one of mom's couches, we keep there. That's how she looked in a flash!

 We have a mix for the Japanese dumplings, suiton, and Taka decided today to make it. He first added too much water, then - too much mix. That's how it went, with me nearby, alternately, imploring him to read the instructions and assuring him: this was the last time I made miso soup. 

The dumplings have to be added to miso soup, you see, and as the result of his male inability to follow instructions, he, finally, made more batter than soup.

He then dragged Reina and Sonny out of their rooms (they hibernated there for two days). Sonny slinked back, but Reina decided to placate her uncle. I also enjoyed suiton dumplings, but with butter, soy sauce and boiled egg. Despite Reina's horrified looks (it goes against her Japanese sensibilities), the combination worked! I proposed adding caviar to it too, which would make it even better, 

worthy of the Iron Chef!

Chikie thought, of course, it was disgusting!

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