Monday, November 24, 2014


     And, finally, by six o'clock on Sunday evening and after being stuck in terrible traffic, we made it to the celebration.

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     It was our first time at the Texas Roadhouse, 

 and we were properly impressed by the huge buffalo's head looking philosophically from over the entryway at the absolute chaos of, seemingly, hundreds of people seeking admission to the place. I was amazed to notice small, metal buckets of peanuts, provided to destruct us from complaining about the long wait. I never before saw such casual approach to cleanliness in an American restaurant:

after eating peanuts, the patrons simply throw the shells on the floor!


Reina visibly enjoyed her steak. so did Hanah, Sonny,


and the rest of us!

     I want to emphatically add: it just looks like all the plates on the table belong to me! I had a modest portion of ribs with a salad.

     Roberta snitched to the waiters that it was Sonny's birthday, and they presented him with a free dessert: a funny face with cherries for eyes and a tiny brownie for a mouth in a sea of whipped cream.

     As the custom dictates, we had to have a cake for Sonny. We bought it, but everyone was so full of meat and potatoes that, we never got to, actually, eat it. Everyone that is, except Taka, who, as soon as he came home, made himself a big cup of coffee and began to wait for the cake. 

I guess, we'll have to extend Sonny's birthday for one more day to be able to sing the happy B-Day song to him and cut the cake!

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