Sunday, November 23, 2014


     Hanah is home! We had a very busy day yesterday, preparing for her arrival. It was the day before Sonny's birthday, as well, but I made him clean and clean, until he begged for mercy... No, don't worry, that's not what happened!
ovtLFix.gif (194×221)     On Friday I had an appointment with Mr. P. Although, like I told you in the previous post, he, sometimes, annoys me with the repetition of his troubles in his early life and many accomplishments later, he really knows people. I was moved to tears by the insights he had about my situation and how I need to deal with it. I went there quite dispirited, but left with a new hope.
     Afterwards, I met with Mary. She told me before, she doesn't like shopping, so I asked her: "Mary, would you like to help me shop for Sonny's present?" You see, people like us can't resist a chance to rescue someone!
     We met at Macy's, walked around the floor, peering at men's shirts, trying to gauge Sonny's response to some of them. Mary was right in there with me, doing her best to find the best gift. I can really see, how the sessions with Mr. P. helped strengthen my personality, because, when Mary let her controlling side slip, I was totally able to calmly and lovingly, but strongly assert myself.
     That was Friday. Hanah was arriving the next day, and I already started to fret about the house being dirty, because she was coming with a friend.On Saturday, I took Sonny to Costco to order him glasses. We (Reina and Roberta also came with us) bought some necessary - and not - stuff. Then we went home and I and Sonny cleaned for a few hours before Hanah was supposed to come.
     About that... She told us, they would, probably make it here by 6 o'clock. Taka is very big on showing gratitude to people, who help us, so we planned to take Hanah's friend(s), who drove her all the way from Arcata to Hayward  to celebrate Sonny's birthday. It would be a day early for it, but Sonny didn't mind.
     Of course, it proved to be impossible to reach Hanah on the road. Her phone went straight to voicemail, when we tried to call to find out, when they'd be arriving. At five pm we made a final decision to treat Hanah's friends to some snacks at home and postpone the restaurant outing until tomorrow.
     Hanah showed up at seven with one of her friends, Shea. He is a senior in her college and gay. He is also a giant.
     Shea is easily 6 foot 6! He spent night on our couch. In the morning I began making breakfast, when
something huge passed in front of me. It looked like a bear, but, of course, there couldn't be a bear in my house! Could there?!
     It was Shea. I forgot overnight, just how huge he is!
     He sounds and looks like a very nice person, though! He drove Hanah here for six-seven hours and will take her back in a week. They seem at ease with each other: of course, they shared an apartment in Arcata. I'm not too crazy about my daughter having lived in a small room with a guy, but she assured me, he was gay and not interested in women at all. Let me assure you: I am praying for her without seizing!

To Be Continued...

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