Tuesday, June 14, 2016


     You didn't think, all the drama disappeared from my life, did you?
three fates finished0001 copy.jpg.opt451x360o0,0s451x360.jpg (451×360)     I don't pretend to know, what's happening outside my own senses' capacity. I mean, what powers move our lives? Who is tweaking our fates' chords and adjusts figures on the universal chess board? Sometimes I feel, something is about to happen, but lack the ability to always separate and hang on to that feeling, or to predict, what's coming my way.
     Roberta and I just finished playing Bingo. She usually gets hungry by that time, but I was a little nauseous and disoriented. I decided to take her to a restaurant, and we both agreed to call a friend to join us. Yes, I should've recognized the signs of impending misadventure in the way I felt, but I didn't.
     Still driving, I made a phone call. The friend didn't answer, and slowing down at a stoplight I began to try and put my phone back into the purse. 
     I let the brake go for just a second, and the car rolled forward.
998616_10152908726785262_1658568667_n.jpg (400×300)
     There was no time to stop. Bam! We slammed into the bumper of a vehicle in front of us and sat there with our eyes bulging and mouths gaping.
     I began to climb out of my seat. It seemed like my car became a bucket, that swallowed me whole. I saw a young-ish man come out of his Honda and start taking pictures of his car and my license plate. I also grabbed my phone, but couldn't find strength to look for the right buttons to push to take my own photos.
     We exchanged our insurance and Driver's License information. I recognized a slight Russian accent, asked the man, if he was from the same country as I. He was, but he kept his tone cool and non-committal. 
     The rest of the day I spent in a blur. 
     - "Isn't this the guy I hit today?" - everywhere I went, I saw the victim of my indiscretion. 
     I mean, I didn't see any dents or even minute scratches on his car. My car was alright too. Still I knew, if that man wanted to, he could blow the incident out of proportion.
     Today I got a letter from the man's insurance company. I don't think it'll end badly for us: afterwards, that's what our own auto insurance is for - but I still have this uncomfortable feeling.      
     It was my fault. I shouldn't use the phone while driving, so I thank whomever wrought this episode in my life. A disaster can happen in no time at all, and next time it might end much, much worse. 
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