Saturday, June 18, 2016


     No Tai Chi today! 
     We stay home and argue about the prices on our TV/Internet service. Did you know, if you call your service provider, they'll quote you a much higher price than if you look it up online? And more than that: the prices for new customers are about 10-15% lower, than those for the existing suc... I meant, customers!
     What are we to do? By now I can't imagine my life without Internet or TV! Sonny studies and Taka works online. Roberta's only source of entertainment is TV. 
      So, after an hour's chatting with a number-named person on AT&T website, I had to accept the reality of the situation: 1. All these years, when I thought, they gave me a good price over the phone, they actually deceived me, and 2. We are hostages for the highway robbers, who sell us ... air, speed? Well, without air there is no life.
     I would be interested to find out, if there is a way to fight that kind of injustice. I mean, if I go to a clothes' store and by the entrance see a blouse for one price, but upon venturing deeper see the same blouse, but cheaper, I'd question that company's morals, right? So why is it OK for AT&T to practice such exploitative policy?
     If anyone knows, what I'm rambling about, and how to deal with such a situation to my personal satisfaction, please speak up and leave a comment! 
     Otherwise, all the best for you all!

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