Monday, April 25, 2016


tumblr_ldce14GFKC1qbz270o1_500.gif (500×280)     I am at the end of my rope...
     OK, OK, I'm being over-dramatic. I'm somewhere in the middle of my rope. Mostly, because I don't know, if what I'm experiencing can have a bad effect on my health.
     I went to sleep pretty early (for me) last night. For a few months I sleep on the couch in the living room. I do it, because Roberta is becoming more and more childlike and capable of walking out of the house in the middle of the night. I won't go into other reasons, why the bedroom becomes more and more of an alien territory to me.
cup-of-coffee.jpg (500×334)     So, went to sleep around 12 at night. In an hour or so I heard footsteps in the kitchen. Upon prying my eyelids open, I saw Roberta creeping toward the hot water machine with a cup in her hand. 
     - "Roberta, no coffee! It's 2 o'clock in the morning!"
     Reedy voice of my charge was not at all convincing:
     - "I wasn't going to get coffee! I want a cup of tea!"
     - "No tea, no anything! Go to sleep, close your eyes!"
     I'm not sure, how much time passed, because I dropped off into the dreamworld again, but it couldn't be long. 
     Again: Plop, plop, plop, - footsteps on the tile. What was missing, was the sound of a cane. I opened my eyes and yelled:
     - "Roberta, where is your cane?"

     Roberta in a night dress with the holes for arms too big for her fragile figure froze on the way to fill her cup with something hot to drink.
     - "My cane is over there!"
     She really doesn't get the rhetoric questions! 
woman_laughing.gif (242×268)     Dejected, she turned back to her bedroom. I offered her water then, but she didn't want any, and I was not about to start a tea party at three o'c lock in the morning!
     After that, no matter, what I did to fall asleep again, my brain refused to believe, it was tired. Hello, TV, hello laptop! Did you miss me?
     By six I began to doze off. I lay down and closed my eyes. The light in the dining room, immediately adjacent to my "sleeping quarters", went on. Taka dragged Sonny out of bed to do some spiritual reading, prescribed by the Unification Church. 
Ep8kb7.gif (320×240)
     This with some variations repeats almost every night. Sometimes the cats throwing up or singing ancient songs of their people follow Roberta's attempts to find out if I'm OK. I am usually asleep at the time, so: yes, I WAS OK!
     The worst of the situation is: I am not able to wake up on time and function in a healthy, alert fashion the next morning! We already missed the Bible study and a doctor's appointment that way! And don't start me on my driving! Yesterday I could hardly make it home, after not being able to sleep all night!

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