Monday, April 4, 2016


     How are we doing?
2Q== (256×197)     Even though the ER docs told Roberta, she didn't have a fracture, her shoulder keeps hurting terribly. They didn't, actually, explain, why this was happening. I am taking her to her doctor today to get a referral for another X-ray. Mentally I'm grinding my teeth in frustration over the medical profession's irresponsibility!
     On Saturday Taka and I went to the Tai Chi lesson. Sonny stayed home. I asked him to make soup and give it to Roberta, when she wakes up from the afternoon nap. Just as the class started, I heard my phone ring. I tried to ignore it, but the call was being repeated again and again. 
tai-chi-o.gif (320×240)     When I finally walked away from the group and answered the phone, it was Sonny. He said, Roberta woke up and didn't recognize him, or where she was. She kept repeating, she didn't know him and that he was trying to trick her. When I talked to her, she asked me, when I was going to pick her up!
grandma-shock-at-computer.gif (200×99)     After a while in our conversation she began to come to her senses and realized, she was at home. I decided to finish our class, and Roberta seemed to be OK, when we got home. We discussed, what happened, and she admitted being confused and even wanting to run away from the house, when she thought herself being "tricked".
     I hope, this extreme loss of reason is due to Roberta's trauma and going to the hospital. She behaves normally now, but I feel, I am not prepared for another "bad episode" in the drama of her mental deterioration! 
     I am also sad, because I have even less support and friendship in my life. Roberta was a good listener, and I could talk to her about most of the problems. Now I feel, she can't understand much! She became more anxious as well, worrying, I think, that we'll consider her too much of a burden. She keeps trying to give me money, which never happened before.

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