Friday, April 22, 2016


     OK, friends, here is a story that's guaranteed to make you gasp!
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     I am 58 now. Yes, my birthday just passed, and, although many friends, the Facebook ones ONLY, and some relatives sent me their best wishes, I feel a bit down. 
     On the morning of the 19th Taka as usual went to work. He hesitated before exiting the bedroom, and I thought, he'd say something about my birthday, but he only yelled: "Don't use credit card, we have no money!" I was understandably disappointed!      
     Roberta - the one, who is losing her memory, - remembered, but Sonny woke up at 5 pm and only then dropped a casual: "Happy Birthday." That's OK, I'm a big girl, used to feeling neglected!
4HvbX+KPXwzNoAAAAASUVORK5CYII= (230×219)     I don't feel old. I easily recall being in my twenties! I lived in Long Beach, CA then, working with the Unification Church. To tell the truth, it was interesting and rewarding work. We contacted local clergy, offering to send them to the ecumenical conferences in Korea. It was done in order to sway them toward the Unification Church and Rev. Moon, of course, but then I was very much into it, inspired to undergo any difficulties for the sake of my cause. 
96459b2883af7193be11222b26c7284a.jpg (223×320)     We sold flowers to support our work. One Friday evening I was standing in front of a posh restaurant in Shoreline Village. The crowd was gathering, and I had a whole basket of wrapped roses in my hands, waving them at people. 
     Cars pulled up to the curb, letting the fun-seekers off. I felt a little under-dressed in my casual slacks and jacket, but smiled and joked with the perspective buyers anyway.
     A white limo pulled up. A young couple got out. A man was African American, with a mane of shiny black curls. A girl was Caucasian. 
     I didn't know, who the man was, but the crowd went nuts, chanting: "Prince, Prince!" A recent immigrant, I still didn't know, who it was, but just waved my roses at him expectantly.
     They looked annoyed with each other. The argument started in the car, but the girl was not ready to give up. She yelled to me: "He's not gonna buy it, he's cheap!"
    6a00d8345295c269e201b8d166246e970c-250wi (250×187) Prince glanced at her, walked up to me, bought a single rose. He then gave it back to me and leaned forward. Before I knew it, he kissed me on the cheek and went into the restaurant. The girl looked like she was struck by lightening! She shut up and followed him inside.

     That's it, that's my claim to fame! I was kissed by a Prince! Good thing, I didn't turn into a frog!
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     Good bye, fellow traveler! You brought joy to many people's lives. I hope, therefore, you are in a happy place yourself!


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