Thursday, February 19, 2015


cartoonDentist.gif (200×200)     I am writing a new story about Baba Yaga and, sitting in the dentist's chair, I decided to work on the story instead of feeling the dread, stealing over me. I got so involved in the musings and possible plot twists, that I completely forgot, where I was and why. So, when the doctor came in the room and asked Mrs. Toyoda ("hmm?"), what happened, for a few moments I couldn't understand, what that man in a mask, surgical gloves and goggles meant and wanted from me. Then I realized, things are going to start hurting a lot, and began to tremble.
     Fortunately, my dentist has a very humane approach to treating teeth. It turned out, only a small piece broke off, and the doctor could save the tooth by removing that bit and later putting a crown on the ill-fated molar. 
     He used all kinds of new devices to work on me. I almost had no pain, - at least, - not the pain, I imagined, when I made the appointment. One detail detracted from my relief: even though the doc kept shouting to the nurse: "Suction! Suction!!!" - she ignored him and continued some conversation she started with him before I got into the chair. At that point, I was lying supine in the said contraption and just followed the suction device, which the nurse passionately used to illustrate some point in her monologue, waving in front of my eyes, where it did me no good, whatsoever!    mighty-like-a-moose-the-dentist.gif (272×231)    Some stuff went down my throat: saliva mixed with blood and medicine; the dentist yelled in growing desperation: "suction, she is swallowing it!" - and I broke down and laughed.
     I was never known for having a lot of the common sense. It became apparent again, because, as I made one explosive "Ha!", - all the liquid, collected in my gullet, flew out in a picturesque stream and hit the dentist straight in the nose! 
     The man switched off the drill. He looked at me for a few long moments, as I lay cowering in mortal embarrassment, then resumed his work. The nurse rolled her eyes at me (the cheek, it was all her fault!) and began to suck out the goo. I wouldn't blame them, if they don't want to see me anymore at their practice!

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