Thursday, February 19, 2015


     All morning Roberta is asking me the same questions. 
- "Are we going tonight to, you know?.."
- "What, Roberta, you mean, Al Anon?"
- "Yes!"
- "Why? Our group meets on Wednesdays, and today is Thursday".
- "Ah, OK."
In three minutes:
- "Are we going to, you know?..."
     She forgets my answers, as soon as she hears them, it seems. Although, I can only hope that, when I am her age, I'll remember how to chew, Roberta's memory is getting worse and worse. I ended up writing the answers to all the questions she kept asking this morning and holding the paper up to her, when she decided to ask them again!
     In these few weeks, when I didn't write my blog, things were going pretty smoothly. My knee is getting better, so I can do more about the housework and shopping. At first, Sonny had to help more, than usual (and more, than he was willing to do). I tried to stand firm on my assertion that, he can use the car only if he does his household chores. 
The weeds and the flowers grow in harmony
in our garden. Taka is too busy with taxes.

tumblr_n4khfrktaN1r4ueyro1_500.gif (500×261)  Its springtime in California! The East of the country is drowning in snow piles, "poor" children have to stay home from school (they must be devastated!). And here the flowers are blooming in the garden, the hills are green, and we walk around in our short sleeves.
A result of California's pollution problem:
beautiful sunset.
I know, I know: there is no justice in the world.

     My diet is ... gone the way of the dodo? Yeah, even though I make a decision every night to start anew the next day and be conscientious about, what I eat, it never sticks to my actual behavior. 
     I, actually, paid for my lapse in diet. A couple of days ago I got tempted to get a roll of white bread: something I didn't eat in a long while. As I was munching on chewy goodness, I heard a crack... Upon poking with tongue around my mouth, I discovered that, a piece of a molar seemed to move! 
child-afraid-of-dentist-fakes-kidnapping.gif (410×231)     One, I am from Russia. We used to get our teeth worked on and even pulled, or the root canals done without anesthetic. I have a healthy and substantial fear about going to a dentist, therefore.
Two, I haven't been to a dentist for, at least, seven, eight years, and am afraid, what they will do to me, once I show my face at the office!
     Nevertheless, I did the responsible thing and called to make an appointment. The receptionist, darn her, was very sympathetic and let me come on the same afternoon. 

To be continued

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