Thursday, October 16, 2014


Yesterday, I met with my cousin from Israel and her husband. Here are some pictures in regards to the story. I'll write it later! Now its time to get ready to go pick up Reina at the airport!

Later that day...

These are my auntie Rachel and her husband, and their children, my cousins, Sofia (left) and Estella (right). They immigrated to Israel in 1957. 

Sofia was a very beautiful girl. In Israel she married Vova (emphases on the first syllable). When we received their wedding photo album, we viewed and treated it like a museum piece. The couple looked wonderful, like some kind of celebrities!
     Sofia and Vova traveled a few times to the United States before, but, I guess, because of my involvement in the Unification Church, were loth to meet me. They are not 
at all tolerant  to the Jews, who go into other religions. I don't blame them: that's how they were
Auntie Rachel in her sixties.
taught to think. Once, I tried to explain to Sofia's mother, my aunt Rachel, my experience of finding God, thinking that, because she lived

outside of the Soviet Union with it's atheistic attitudes longer than my parents and could comprehend something about spiritual life, but she said that, I was talking nonsense.
     Sofia and Vova also knew, how much my parents suffered, when I left them to become a Moonie, and resented it..
     Time softened their apprehension. They decided to get together with me and mine during this trip to the U.S.

     As is customary for me, I went a little bonkers in preparation for that meeting. Little by little, though, I managed to control my impulse to go buy new clothes for myself to seem, somehow, prettier and thinner than I really am, as well as lavish presents for my relatives. Amid our car troubles, I hardly registered that, the reunion was going to happen the next day. I grabbed Roberta and together we went to Macy's to buy the only present that made                                                                           
images (225×225)sense: perfume. OK, OK, I did spend a pretty penny on it and some other things, but who could blame me? They are the family whom I never met before! Actually, my aunt was responsible for funding my family's immigration from the Soviet Union, and I owe them a lot!

This pink, shiny, new face is the result of an hour and a half of the facial treatment! Call me insecure, but I couldn't let my cousin and her husband from Israel see me for the first time the way I looked. I will definitely write a post about that experience, but for now I just want to say: I was happy-(er) with my appearance after that!

To Be Continued...

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