Sunday, October 12, 2014


Some pictures from Moscow. My friend went especially to the place where we grew up and took these photos.

I used to live in this building. If you look close enough, you'll see the green benches by the doors. The gossip-hungry ladies used to sit there and avidly discussed every tenant, who came through their gauntlet. When I worked in theater, there were many rumors going on about, what I was up to on my job. Every time I had to pass by the ladies on the bench, I began to, for some reason, swerve, as if I was drunk! I was always starving, so that could be the reason for that phenomena, or it was in my character to challenge the small-minded burgers.

This is the St. George's Church 

built near my old neighborhood. 

I don't know, whose sculpture this is, but I like it!


  We often went to the woods and spent time there, 
talking about the things which inspired us.

Whether due to a teenager's angst, or because I really felt that, something was missing from my life: a love, a purpose, - every moment was filled with the longing. 

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  1. It is really our house? Looks good, although it is more than 60 years. In the movies they show these houses, they look awful. I also hated to pass by these old ladies. They told my mother that I did not say hello to them and pass lifting up my nose. I remember when we had to go to Zacks, I was shaking all come out to stare at us but my happiness was snowing with rain and we were able to slip through without their attention. Then they said my mother, as they are offended that they were not warned.
    This Timeryazevsky forest? I do not remember this church, and this view of the hills, I remember how we rolled with them on skis. These avenues of trees as we walked with Elfikom and swam in the lake, sometimes I dream about it. Привет Тани,и пусть пришлёт ещё фото знакомых нам мест. L.