Wednesday, October 15, 2014


     I have a good news and a bad one. Which do you want to hear first?
     My (new to me) car is very beautiful, but that is not the good news I was talking about. 
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Sorry, it has nothing to do
with broken headlights,
but I just have to
use this cute gif!
     As Roberta and I decided to make a quick dash to Macy's last night to buy gifts for my relatives, whom we meet tonight at a hotel in Redwood City, we got into Honda, and realized that, one headlight didn't work. I was trying to stay positive: so what, if we just bought it a day before and already discovered that it whistles on the freeway and has a broken headlight? We can deal with it, right?
cop-pulls-over-a-kid.jpg (500×356)     Later on that same evening I went to pick Sonny up from the BART station (the metro system in our area). Driving home I suddenly heard the police car's siren, and this time it was for me!
     I will admit: I don't usually wear seatbelt. I know, its irresponsible of me, but the belt tends to slide right to my neck and cut it uncomfortably. I also think that, in case if we stop suddenly and the belt will get rigid, as they do in such situation, I can get seriously hurt. 
     So, broken headlight and no seatbelt! 
     The policeman came over, leaned by my window and asked: 
- "Do you know, why I pulled you over?" 
     In a futile hope to avoid a big ticket, I already put my seatbelt on and didn't want to counteract it by admitting that I wasn't wearing it. So I said weakly:
- "The headlight?"
     The policeman nodded in agreement, and I dared to hope, that he didn't notice the other thing.
- "And' - he said - "you weren't wearing your seatbelt. Care to comment on that?"
     Over the years I had a few tickets for the same reason and explaining never helped. I almost didn't say anything, but then something made me tell the man, how the seatbelts cut at my neck.
- "I appreciate the honesty, maam. Can I have your driver's license, proof of insurance and registration?"
     Despite the fact that, I didn't insure the car yet, he looked at my card for another car, saw that it was current and believed me that we just bought the vehicle which he stopped. He then said: 
- "I will give you a warning for not wearing the seatbelt [phew!] and a fix-it ticket for the headlight",
   That meant that, if I fix the headlight in the nearest future, I can present my car to a "peace officer" (that's what the police calls the police) and get my ticket cancelled. I am not sure yet if I have to pay a small fine ($25 or so). 
     Although he was the first cop, who let me off with only a warning for the seat belt violation, I think, its unfair that I have to pay for someone selling me a damaged car just a day before, since I couldn't even have time to repair it!
     "Let it go, peace in life is more important than money" - I kept saying to myself. I couldn't help wondering, though, what other surprises are awaiting me in regards to that car!
     In conclusion, the bad news is: the car has one more problem, and I got a ticket because of that. The good news is: I avoided a fine for a bigger amount and a lot of headache trying to correct it.

ragecop-yt.gif (260×195)     P.S. Today a mechanic called from the dealership, where I bought the car. He informed us that, the airbags on that kind of the vehicle are being recalled.  

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