Friday, August 7, 2015


     My husband's niece is coming from Japan to study
English. Her sister, Reina, was here last year, and she - and we - had very busy, productive and fun time together. At least, I hope, that's what she thought!

     I said, the niece is coming from Japan, but, in reality, that Japanese girl lives and studies in Korea. Her parents sent her and her sisters there in order to absorb "the Motherland" culture. They are a part of the Unificationist movement, you see, and believe that, Korea is the "chosen nation" and all that ... stuff...
I don't agree with that anymore, but I like my sister- and brother-in-law, as well as their kids!
akbingo-rubberband-snap-backfire.gif (426×231)     Time here seems to be like a rubber band: sometimes it stretches on and on, and then snaps and flies as fast as lightning! Suddenly, I have a lot to do: appointments and preparations fill up my days. Today a physical therapist will come for the first visit with Roberta. The house needs to be cleaned and de-cluttered. 
     Sonny found a job in Macy's. Today he'll go to fill out some papers for his employment. Until now he stayed up nights and slept during the day. It looks like I'll have a heck of a time every morning getting him out of bed and to work! 
     Well, as you see, there are a lot of new beginnings and hopes in our household, as well as anxiety about the future. Pray for us!

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