Wednesday, August 5, 2015


9k= (194×259)     Roberta fell again. She, somehow, upended a mattress, standing behind her door (I should've removed it a long time ago). I heard a bump and ran to her room. I couldn't open the door: the mattress blocked it. Roberta lay crumpled on the floor next to the bed. 
     Sonny was able to get in through a crack in the door and opened it for me. I later understood that, Roberta was unconscious for a couple of minutes. Then she came to, and we lifted her onto the bed. She hit her back and head on the bed's metal rail. There was a big bruise on her side, but no blood or bumps on her head. 
     Just recently we spent five hours in the ER. Neither Roberta nor I wanted to repeat that experience. It might've been a mistake, but we still didn't go there. Roberta is unsteady on her feet, her back and head are tender to the touch.
     Yesterday was Tuesday and the mahjong day! I convinced Roberta to stay home this time: there was no way she could take the hours of sitting and talking.      Doris, Victoria and I met at Mary's house. She made some snacks, and I also brought  chips and sweets. We talked comfortably, sharing our lives and experiences with each other.
3d_animasi_monkey_jumping_anim (156×208)     Then it was time to play. 
     I love mahjong! It takes patience, especially, with Daniel - Mary's nine year old son, chattering, like a monkey, at my elbow. All of us played to win, but I won four ((count it!)) - four - times out of fiveIt could be my Jewish scepticism, but I keep thinking, something must be wrong in the Universe, if I'm having such luck!
     My friends restrained themselves from strangling  me, and we ended our get-together in loving and happy ways. 

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