Sunday, August 16, 2015


     Hanah came for a visit before she goes back to Arcata (7 hours away from here by car) to finish another semester of college. This time there were no Japanese cousins to occupy her room, so she stayed there.
I suspect (I might be wrong, of course) that, her first inclination was to spend days, lying on the couch, watching videos and listening to music. Fortunately - unfortunately, we hired carpet cleaners to take care of our floors, before Serena arrives. The situation was really desperate!
     All of us had to, so to speak, get into the yoke and pull, getting all the junk, cluttering the house, out. It got really dirty, before it got a little cleaner, though!
     We pulled it off without a hitch! The carpet cleaners came, did their job and left.      They missed one of the spots, of course, where Chickie or Sylvie marked the living room as their territory in the living room, and my daughter went beyond the call of duty, washing it, until the smell disappeared! I am so proud: this is a new sign of maturity in her!
One evening I wasn't as excited. Despite my objections, Hanah shaved the hair on one side of her head. I am still trying to figure out, why I felt such anxiety and heartbreak. Could it be, I am concerned, whether she will be pretty enough to attract male attention? Or whether she will attract unwanted attention from some bohemians?
     My misgivings didn't make any difference: she did as she pleased.
Then, for a couple of days Hanah was sick. She thought, it was strep throat, and we went to get a swab for it. Fortunately, it was something else, and she didn't have to take antibiotics.


     What about Sonny, you ask?
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     He began to work at Macy's. A few days a week he dons on black shirt, black pants and shoes, as well as a name tag with Macy's logo on it. He disappears only to return with sore feet and a satisfied smirk on his face.
      Yesterday I understood, what my own mother went through, not knowing, where, the H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks, I was. Sonny left at five in the morning, promising to return at two in the afternoon, and didn't come back 'til 5! It turned out, somehow his schedule changed, and he had to work for 9 hours that day!
     Did you hear about El Nino? Some of those scientist types are promising us rain and cold, bit what we got is a heat wave!
                                  I object! 
It's hard not only to work in such weather (98 F or 36.6667 C), but also to stay alive! Chickie doesn't even mind sleeping next to an improvised cooler, concocted by Hanah, when she saw him lying, like a dead cat!

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  1. 1. A Hannah fits this hairstyle, I liked it.
    2. Carpet looks unusually white, but you do not want to put the red carpet? L.