Saturday, January 9, 2016


     Life seems better after taking a shower!
     I am confused. My whole life I believed myself to be a good, caring, cultured person. The more I live, the more I understand: I have a long, long way to go until it will become true!
     My mother and father worked very hard to put food on the table and provide for our family the right kind of life. How is it that I don't have the habit of hard work or accomplishing the tasks to the end? There were brief moments in my life, when I was able to do so with a lot of encouragement and inspiration from my environment, but - as soon as I'm on my own - I tend to make a first step, congratulate myself on a possible bright outcome and then lie down to rest on my laurels. At fifty seven it's very hard to believe, the next time I attempt something for the betterment of my life or my family's, I'll follow through to the lasting positive result!
     All of that is too vague, you say! Alright, I'll give some examples.
     One of the most significant topics: the weight loss. It seems, the only way I'll achieve it is, for someone to hit me on the head with a shovel in order to stop me from overeating and put me gently down in some corner. With the huge amount of knowledge I amassed about the weight control I still have no will power to control my behavior!  

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