Friday, December 11, 2015


Encouraged by Mr. P., I asked Taka, if it was possible for him to treat me with a little more kindness. By that I meant, being attentive and not get resentful, when his needs weren't met, when I wasn't feeling well. 
     Taka didn't much like, what I told him. He did get resentful and wouldn't let me finish even one sentence! I told him then: if it was so impossible for him to open his mind and ears, when I pled for understanding, it could be better, if we separated. 
     Some of you might think, I am a vain and foolish woman, demanding, what her husband is unwilling to offer, even at the cost of the marriage. as well many times ask myselfwhether that's so
     Taka's response? At first he readily agreed with me. We had a couple of days, when I felt like the Earth fell away from under my feet and prayed a lot, and he... he either began to Google, how much it could cost him to separate from me, or also prayed for guidance. I don't know. The fact was: he began to ask me about how I felt and kiss me goodbye in the mornings, which didn't happen for the last few decades!
     Now he is back to ignoring me, but it could be because he is very busy at work and with whatever he does in his office. 
     Nevertheless, I praise my Heavenly Father for Taka changing his behavior for the better! Perhaps, it's not too late for us, and I can find real affection in my marriage!   

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