Wednesday, December 9, 2015


     I don't know exactly, why I stopped writing. I look for reasons in my mind, but feel only emptiness. Writing made me happy. Now I feel hollow and depressed.
     But life goes on! Hanah still didn't send me a word or an explanation for her silence, but recently she invited me to be "friends" with her on Facebook and, on the one hand, I now can catch glimpses of her life from her posts on Facebook. Then she began to send me songs with titles like: "I will always love you" or "You are so beautiful to me". I started to worry that, something heavy weighs on her conscience, making her send me such musical declarations!
     Chikie also worried me. He stopped eating dry cat food, which we buy for our two and a half cats (remember the street kitty, Goldie, who comes for meals to our back door?). My male cat would sit over his little dish, pick up a morsel in his mouth and spit it out again. We thought, the reason could be his teeth: he is about thirteen years old already! As we saw him tear into and gobble up raw meat, we understood: teeth couldn't be the right cause of his trouble. 

     Chikie continued to boycott the dry food and getting scrawnier and scrawnier. We almost gave in, feeding him the leftovers from our meals. Then Sonny tried to experiment by buying some wet cat food. It looked like Chikie relented and eagerly adopted to his new diet. One problem was, Sylvie, who never before was picky, felt, we ought to also give her new delicious food! Her little body began to fill out at an alarming rate, after she ate both kinds of sustenance, and resemble a furry, gray ottoman
     Before it was so easy to pour some fishy smelling pellets into each cat's dish. Now we had to deal with much smellier canned food, as well as with the mess left, after cats smeared it half in their dishes and half on the floor. 
     Then we bought some dry fare for Goldie. In a while Chikie noticed us giving it to her, and suddenly that was all he wanted too! Cats: they are too much like humans! God forbid, they'll ever take over the world: there'll be no end to the envy and conquest wars! 
IMG_0023.MOV (68×120)
Chikie "under the
influence" of catnip



  1. In regards to your "chickie" losing weight:

  2. He might not like the same old brand of cat food, try buying him Blue Buffalo brand. The first and foremost ingredient is meat, and I know my own cats love it!

  3. His mouth could be sensitive, so softer foods might not hurt him...just a thought.

  4. Is your daughter at least coming home for christmas? Maybe her proclamations mean she is missing you!

    1. Dear Anonymous, I really appreciate your comments and advice, although I, for some reason couldn't open the links, which you provided. We also thought, Chickie's problem could be his teeth or mouth, but he has no trouble eating raw meat. I think, he got bored with the kind of dry food we were giving him.
      Hanah IS coming home for Christmas. I an fervently praying that, you are right, and she just misses me. Anyway, we'll soon find out! Thanks again, Happy Holidays, Dina T.