Monday, December 14, 2015


     It's 6 am, and I've been awake already for two hours. First, I heard Roberta's walker scrape into the dinette. She got up and wanted a snack. I offered her some yogurt and went back to bed, only to be woken up again by Sonny, leaving for work. Then Taka turned on the light for the weekly 5 o'clock prayer.          
images (222×212)     Since I decided to leave the Unification Church, I   don't participate anymore in that ritual of bowing to Mr. and Mrs. Moon's picture, reciting "the Pledge" - a set of promises to be good little soldiers for the Moon's movement, and a prayer. 
     It's a good thing, there is nothing scheduled for today, and I can stay in bed until 10! That's if nothing else comes up, that'll deprive me of sleep...
2Q== (290×174)     I guess, that's - normal family life. Of course, there is nothing normal about one spouse bowing to the ground to a picture of people, whom the other spouse despises. But, I think, it's better for me to tolerate Taka's adherence to the Unification Church rituals, as long as he tolerates my desire to become a Christian. I feel, we both are walking a thin rope, trying to find balance between our beliefs.

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