Tuesday, October 13, 2015


     Hanah's High School friend, Christina, invited us to her little daughter's "welcoming party". Since the cutie is already born, I guess, it was too late to have a Baby Shower!
     This is the second child (from a second husband!). The first one is on the picture to the left.
     Christina with her family recently moved in with her parents to a house near our own. It was nice of her to remember her "aunty" - as she calls me (never failing to melt my heart) - and invite us to a party!
     The baby Ava Nicole - what a beautiful name! - is very advanced for her age. She already tries to crawl, and the look in her eyes is extremely sharp and focused.
     I went a little crazy shopping for the baby. Who knows, when I'll have another chance to do it again (boo-hoo!!!). 
     Roberta and Serina came with me. A few of the family friends were there, others - sent presents. Christina's mother and grandmother made some snacks and a big meal for all of us.
     The older daughter, Alice, is a charming young lady of three - four years of age. I think, she feels a little insecure now, that her parents have another child, so she she expresses it by obsessively "imprinting" on anyone, whom she likes. Serina almost immediately "fell into her clutches", and Alice didn't let her get far away all through the festivities!
     We chatted and played games. On this photo Serina with her eyes covered has to gather as many cotton balls as she can into a box. She lost to another lady, but only by a small margin!
     For some time Alice got distracted by a small boy, whom she tried to make play with her.

     Then that family had to leave, and Alice switched her attention back to Serina and Roberta. The look in my niece's eyes became haunted, as for the next hour or so she was pressed into twirling Alice through the air or chasing her around the house. Then Alice noticed Roberta!
It happened before: for some reason, Alice feels spellbound, when she sees my elderly charge. Roberta says, it's because of her white hair. 
     The little girl glued herself to her side and played all the games there, brought all her treasures to show Roberta and Serina, put toy cat ears on Roberta's venerable white head and, finally, sprawled in her aching, I might add, lap and refused to budge
from there!
     I had to peel her off Roberta. Alice followed us to the car, as her family came out to say goodbye to us. She would've hurled herself into the car, if her grandmother didn't say a magic word: "Cake!" With that the flighty little princess forgot all about us and ran back to the house.

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