Friday, March 27, 2015


Visited my counsel, Mr. P. today. Roberta didn't want to stay alone at home, so I brought her to Starbucks near Mr. P.'s house, bought her a cup of coffee and went to my session.
Remember Mr. P.'s cat? 

Recently this Precious lady went away. She suddenly wasn't feeling well, and, before anything could be done, she was gone. Poor Mr. P. deeply felt the loss, and how can one comfort someone at a time like that?
Today we talked about things that puzzle me. As I mentioned, I wonder, whether the responsibility for taking charge of myself is on me or, since I am asking the Higher Power, the God of my understanding, to take control of my life, He bares the burden. Mr. P. summarized the answer for me. Three precepts of Al Anon are (in a nutshell): "I can't, He can, I'll let Him". That doesn't mean, I fold my pretty little hands and wait for God to work for me. It entails a thorough cleansing of my heart and mind, sincere and utmost attempt to reach Heavenly Parent in my personal prayers and deeds. Not so different from  the beliefs I used to espouse, but totally opposite from the Unification Church's manipulative teachings, designed to make one feel responsible for saving the world, but forget about taking care of one's own soul! 

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